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Fundraising Events at the Luce Initiative

Dine-a-Round Fundraiser

Celebrations help to create and cement relationships. After a year of Zoom events, it's time to revel in gathering together again. Our Family & Friends Dine-a-Round offers the opportunity to reconnect, while fundraising at a level that is comfortable to you.

What is a Dine-a-Round?

A Dine-a-Round is a series of fundraising dinner events held and sponsored by independent hosts who want to support the Luce Initiative’s annual fundraising drive.

Each host decides on the location, number of guests and scale of their event. Hosts work within their comfort level to create an enriching experience that enables their guests to reconnect and recharge while contributing to youth’s mental health programs.

In addition guests who participate in the fundraising dinner have the opportunity to learn more about how 'Luce helps' with the hope that many engage as a Host Ambassador in next year’s annual drive.

This Years Funding Recipient

This year's Friends & Family Dine-a-Round is being held in support of Sunnybrook's Family Navigation Project.

The Family Navigation Project (FNP) is a non-profit, philanthropically-funded program that provides help to youth, 13 to 26 years old experiencing mental health and/or addiction issues, and their families.

This program provides expert navigation of the mental health and addictions service system for youth and their families living in the Greater Toronto Area.

Friends & Family Dine-a-Round Outdoor Table

Friends & Family Dine-a-Round, Luce Initiative

Become a Host

Individuals or couples interested in hosting a Dine-a-Round are invited to connect with the Luce Initiative team. We'll provide guidance and support to help you create you own unique event. 

The first step will be to decide on a date, a location and the number of guests. From there, we will help you with digital communications, invitations and the logistics of hosting a successful fundraising Dine-a-Round.  Learn More

Other Ways to Participate

Be a Guest

Gather around your host’s gracious table. Make a donation to support FNP while you reconnect and recharge with special friends and family.  

This year, the fundraiser is in support of SunnyBrook's Family Navigation Project (FNP).

Make a Contribution

Can’t participate in the event? Consider making a donation.  Donate Now


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